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At we deliver educational, realistic and engaging Cyber Security Challenges  where you compete to hack past corporate firewalls and complex networks, then drill deep into a virtual company's assets... all in a controlled IT environment.

The goal is to learn to defend.  You will build your IT Security skills. You will have fun. And you might even win some prizes!

Coming events:  CyberSCI security challenges for students.
Fully-paid intern jobs for the winners, and great employees for the sponsors.
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Ottawa: November 23 (info here) - Honorary Patron Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson
Montreal: January 18 (info here)
  &  Toronto: January 25 (info here)
Sponsors:  Bank of Canada, CGI, BriteSky, CIBC, Rigel Kent

How It Works

Participants play the role of the cyber criminals trying to break into the target organization's IT infrastructure.  The target company or department is composed of firewalls, routers, servers and desktops in a complex and realistic environment. By working in teams everyone contributes the skills they have - and learns from each other.  Advanced players can dive ahead.  Novice players can ask for instruction and hints.  Teams work together to be the first to break through to each stage, gather points, and win the challenge.  Then wrap up with time to understand, and learning to defend.

Who Should Come

Sys admins and network admins will learn to recognize cyber crime attacks, and how to stop them. IT-Sec consultants and practitioners will get hands-on experience with real-world hacker tools. Corporate/Departmental IT and IT-Security staff will build their skills in a fun and challenging team-building event. Student-Only Events are run and various colleges.  Ask you prof or your student association to call us and we'll set one up at your school.  Or join our new big series to compete for excellent, fully paid internships at top IT security companies.  Ottawa, Montreal, and soon Toronto.

Who We Are was launched in 2011 to create high quality, hands-on, IT Security events that would be more effective than any other training available. This meant creating an exciting and realistic environment, where participants would be energized and more engaged than in any ordinary classroom. In 2012 was awarded a FedDev grant to hire students and staff to create a cyber range to host the challenges.  Four events were held that year, for students and professionals. Due to the excellent feedback, we have expanded to corporate, government and law enforcement team events.

Past Events

Over 50 events to date including Canadian Police College, Rogers Communications, CGI Security Operations staff, Govt. of Canada, Serene-Risc Vancouver, Security and Privacy Conference Victoria, as well as other corporate training events.  Plus regional student challenges with participants from 21 universities and colleges.  See more at:  CyberSCI - Cyber Security Challenge Informatique Canada.

Here's What Participants Are Saying...

CyberCAM-Learners+Matt 102_0083    <---The CyberGonq Gang   ...   ....   ...   ...    CyberCAM participants --->

Enjoyed the challenges. Make sure I’m on the mailing list.

Handled a wide range of experience among participants."

  "The team composition was very good and fun. It encouraged collaboration."

"Great experience. Fun event! Will sign-up again."

Media Coverage

CBCnewsSee CBC News story here. “Incredibly bright and innovative people we have here in Ottawa…”

(One ad, then advance to 25:56 – after the swans.)

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AlgonquinTImes  The Algonquin Times - Success of IT Security Program.

Open Events

Open Events are open to anyone who wants to improve their IT Security skills, meet others, and have fun!  We get great feedback from sys admins, network admins, web programmers, and IT-Sec consultants and practitioners - of all skill levels.


Corporate/Department Events are for groups who want to have a fun and challenging team-building event.  There's no better, faster, or more effective way to build IT Security skills, than to put the team into a competitive environment.  We can do this on- or off-site.  Great pricing if we combine your team event with others.

Student Events

Student Events started at Algonquin College in June 2012.  Since then, we've done similar events at McGill University for Electrical, Computer and Software engineering students, Carleton U "Learn to Win" program, and La Cité Collégiale.  If you are interested in having an event at your school then let us know.

Groups & Associations

Group and Association Events can be an exciting and engaging addition to your calendar.  A hands-on, fun-filled and challenging activity that your members will really look forward to.  They'll improve their IT Security skills, and earn CPE and other professional credits.