• Join us at CyberJAR to learn how to keep Hacking Away!

What is CyberJAR?

These days, when you open the lid of your computer or network, you never know what you'll find inside... Come join us for an afternoon of fun and education.  You and your team will be pointed at a target of networks and computers that emulate a realistic corporate environment.  The challenge is to break through the cyber defenses and disrupt the company, or capture their secrets.  You'll learn what the bad guys are up to - and how to defend against them, to keep Hacking Away.

This is an entry-level and learning event.

No hacking experience required.  If you are already an advanced hacker, you will not enjoy participating.

Also, it's a team event.

IT Security managers, auditors, consultants can come and learn about the technical side of hacking.   While sys-admins, network-admins, and helpdesk agents can learn a lot from the IT Security people who attend.  You may get to teach the managers a few technical tricks, while they help you understand the big picture.

MockingJay Part1

***  Grand Prize 2014 ***

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*** Congratulations to our 2014 winners ***

Mark Tamer, Ramon Monsour, Abraham Wehbi, and Janac Meena


From the past...  Winners of November 2012 - CyberJAR:

Congratulations to the winning team of Joe Sargant, David Caissey, Tania MacGillivray and Richard Childers.


When is CyberJAR?


Sunday, November 16


11:30 - 4:00 pm

(Free muffins starting 11:15)


$65 per person

- Lunch and snack included


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Where is it?

Location: Algonquin College

Google Map Algonquin

Google Map

Room:  T115, in Building "T"

Try the interactive room finder.

Campus Map

Campus Map

Parking: Use Lots 8, 9 or 12 or you will get a ticket - even on Sunday!

Who can join?

Audience:  IT Security Consultants, Managers, Auditors, Architects, and Students who want to understand how cyber criminals operate, through a hands-on learning experience.

Ideal for IT Security professionals who know the terminology, understand the concepts, but lack hands-on experience in penetration testing tools. In this event you'll learn how to think like the bad guys.

It's your chance to learn, and have fun!

Is it really for me?

Difficulty:  No "hacker" experience required:

  • If you're good with computers, and willing to learn a few short commands, then you'll be fine.  And you'll learn a lot!
  • If you're a computer expert already, but need to learn more about IT Security, you will really enjoy this event.
  • If you're already a hacker-ninja-guru, this will not be a challenge.   (Contact us for more advanced events.)


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