IT Security is hard. You have to keep hacking away.


Fun and Educational Hacker Competition

.     .     .     .    for non-Hackers

Need to learn more about IT Security?  
Want to improve your career path?

Can you invest a Sunday afternoon in your own education?

Join us on November 16th to learn how the Bad Guys operate, and add some IT-Security cred to your resume.

… and have fun doing it!


***  Grand Prize ***

Tickets to opening night of Hunger Games: Mackingjay, Part 1 ->

What is CyberSNAgIT?

It’s an educational Cyber Security Competition. You will be pointed at a target of networks and computers that emulate a realistic corporate or government environment. The challenge is to break through the cyber defenses and disrupt the department, or snag their secrets. You’ll learn how the bad guys operate – and how to defend against them, to keep Hacking Away.

Why participate?

  • Because it’s Fun and Educational.
  • You can Meet Other IT Pros.
  • Win Prizes.
  • Build your Resume.
  • Save money with the Cyber-Trio Special.

To register, click here.

This is a learning event.CyberCAM-2013-pros2

No hacking experience required. In fact, if you are already a super-ninja hacker, you will not find this a challenge.  (Though you are welcome to come and mentor the others.)

We get Sys Admins, Network Admins and Tech Support who know their trade, but need to learn more about the cyber-criminals’ tricks and traps.  And want to try them out, to really understand.

We also get Consultants, Auditors, Architects and Managers who know the IT Security policies and guidelines, but need an informal, friendly atmosphere where they can learn the technical details.

All equipment and software is provided.  Just bring your curiosity … and your will to win!

It’s a learning event.

Participants will get short lectures, hand-outs, demos, and plenty of hints to help work through the challenges.  The most skilled players will get there first, but no one gets left behind.

And, it’s a team event.CyberCAM-2013-students2

Sys-admins, network-admins, and helpdesk agents can learn a lot from the Security Professionals who attend.  While IT Security managers, auditors, consultants can come and learn about the technical side of hacking.  The technical people may get to teach the managers a few tricks, while the managers help the techies understand the big picture.

See CBC News story:  “incredibly bright and innovative people we have here in Ottawa…   (One ad, then advance to 25:56 – after the swans.)

To register, click here.

Open Events

Open Events are open to anyone who wants to improve their IT Security skills, meet others, and have fun!  We get great feedback from sys admins, network admins, web programmers, and IT-Sec consultants and practitioners - of all skill levels.


Corporate/Department Events are for groups who want to have a fun and challenging team-building event.  There's no better, faster, or more effective way to build IT Security skills, than to put the team into a competitive environment.  We can do this on- or off-site.  Great pricing if we combine your team event with others.

Student Events

Student Events started at Algonquin College in June 2012.  Since then, we've done similar events at McGill University for Electrical, Computer and Software engineering students, Carleton U "Learn to Win" program, and La Cité Collégiale.  If you are interested in having an event at your school then let us know.

Groups & Associations

Group and Association Events can be an exciting and engaging addition to your calendar.  A hands-on, fun-filled and challenging activity that your members will really look forward to.  They'll improve their IT Security skills, and earn CPE and other professional credits.