IT Security is hard. You have to keep hacking away.



Our mission is to provide unique training for people to keep computer hacking out of their networks. We offer educational, realistic and engaging Cyber Security Challenges to achieve that goal.

Educational, because our Challenges guide participants step-by-step. Our coaches are there to answer questions and enhance the learning.

Hands-on experience enhances both learning and retention.

Realistic, because particpants will engage in “live” attacks that prepare them for the real event. We use the tools that real-world cyber criminals are using, and have virtual networks and hosts that emulate live corporations.

Our Security Challenges train participants for real-life situations.

Engaging, because everyone gets excited about our Cyber Security Challenges! Energized, focused, and fully-engaged participants learn more, and retain it longer, than with ordinary listening or reading exercises.

Competition – more than any other learning environment – motivates participants to work harder, faster, and stay engaged.

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Open Events

Open Events are open to anyone who wants to improve their IT Security skills, meet others, and have fun!  We get great feedback from sys admins, network admins, web programmers, and IT-Sec consultants and practitioners - of all skill levels.


Corporate/Department Events are for groups who want to have a fun and challenging team-building event.  There's no better, faster, or more effective way to build IT Security skills, than to put the team into a competitive environment.  We can do this on- or off-site.  Great pricing if we combine your team event with others.

Student Events

Student Events started at Algonquin College in June 2012.  Since then, we've done similar events at McGill University for Electrical, Computer and Software engineering students, Carleton U "Learn to Win" program, and La Cité Collégiale.  If you are interested in having an event at your school then let us know.

Groups & Associations

Group and Association Events can be an exciting and engaging addition to your calendar.  A hands-on, fun-filled and challenging activity that your members will really look forward to.  They'll improve their IT Security skills, and earn CPE and other professional credits.